Welcome to ETERNITY, a tribute & fanlisting to Kasumi from the Dead or Alive games.

Dubbed the 'Kunoichi of Destiny', she was to inherit the postion of 18th Mugen Tenshin master after an assassin left her older brother crippled. Abandoning her inheritence to reap vengeance upon her brother's attacker, she left her clan and entered the Dead or Alive tournament. Kasumi is a kind and compassionate soul that wishes for nothing else than to return home to her family.

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A girl sighed when she saw warrior gods gathering and celebrating their strength. She felt darkness rather than a sacred light. The girl closed her eyes. She felt strong heart beats.

How she longed for this battle. For a moment she thought of the number of battlefields she may pass through and the number of warriors she may face.

There was a breeze, as if to soothe her tension.

Then she was gone.

Nothing but the hollow sound of the wind is left...